I did the thing.

I defended my thesis. I was on the verge of a legitimate panic attack right before it started. And then, it did start, and my screen wasn’t sharing and my thesis chair and spouse were texting me like, “Yo, dude, something’s wrong.” and so that didn’t help.

But what did help was the absolutely massive amount of support I had in the form of friends, colleagues, and faculty. I even had a couple of students attend! Students! I think I had like 25 or 26 in the room for my defense. That’s absolutely absurd, and I want everybody to know it means the world to me that anybody would take time out of their day to come watch something like this.

I read a story about Dre’s gramma, and the only reason I didn’t cry was because I had 3 or 4 times while reading over the story, and because I stopped at the hardest part.

This was for you, gramma.

Thanks, everybody. So, so much. I’m gonna play some vidjagames.

Michael Ferguson, MA (to be conferred, lol)

AKA Skillzilla

AKA AKA MasterZilla

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