A Black Lit Major

I’m Black and I read things.

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Creed > Rocky

I’ve watched Rocky 1-4 about 100 times each. They’re the kind of movies that I can just have on in the background and not pay attention to while I’m doing other stuff. I used to think the first couple of Rocky movies, specifically 1 & 2, were about as close to perfect as a movie…

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I didn’t watch the video.

I’m not going to. I don’t know if people realize the fear and anger that I live with everyday. I think about what I’m wearing to work, to the gym, to run outside. I think about where my wallet and phone are when I get in the car. I think about how I would react…

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The Signified and NaNoWriMo

When I started my thesis, I had this idea for a collection of short stories. Neil Gaiman is a heavy influence on my writing, and I really love the personification of things and the idea that our collective belief and experience can give birth to these entities. But the past few years, I’ve been reading…

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