A Black Lit Major

I’m Black and I read things.

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NaNo 2021

I love personification of large ideas, concepts, or themes. It’s what draws me to a lot of Neil Gaiman’s work. Especially Sandman. Lupe Fiasco has a series of songs about a character Michael Young History, in which he encounters The Game and The Street. Lupe’s Michael struggles with a mother addicted to drugs, he turns…

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I did the thing.

I defended my thesis. I was on the verge of a legitimate panic attack right before it started. And then, it did start, and my screen wasn’t sharing and my thesis chair and spouse were texting me like, “Yo, dude, something’s wrong.” and so that didn’t help. But what did help was the absolutely massive…

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My MA Thesis Defense

I defend my Master’s Thesis tomorrow. I spent most of the summer reading and writing. Submitting to my chair, and then editing. I read a lot of stuff. A lot. I wrote a lot. I wrote so much that my Prof has said more than once, after I’ve trimmed as much as I thought I…

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