“America isn’t a racist country,” Tim Scott

Tim Scott, the lone Black GOP Senator, said last night that America, the country built by slaves, while murdering its indigenous populations, while writing laws that left out anybody with black skin, that forced Black people to protest in order to be able to vote, that forced Asian people into literal internment camps, that had a president spouting rhetoric that is impacting America’s Asian citizens across the country, that has a law enforcement population that mobilizes more quickly after they murder a Black man than when white people literally stormed the capitol, that is passing laws in conservative areas of the country saying it’s okay to hit protestors with cars, isn’t racist.

Seen here is Tim Scott, the Lone black GOP senator, dancing for his bread crumbs.

Tim Scott when McConnell told him to deliver remarks after Biden’s address.
Also Tim Scott (from r/SelfAwarewolves)

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