I don’t type much on my iPad. But that’s because I didn’t have this amazing device.

My wife bought it for me from an indiegogo. It was kind of a pain getting it. They said they’d ship it in December, then January, then february. Finally shipped it the last couple days of February, got it yesterday. I’ve been trying to go out of my way to use it since I got it. I just love the wonderful clickety-clack it makes. It’s just so fun to type on this thing. And it looks amazing.

I want to put it through its paces, use it on multiple devices (you’re supposed to be able to sync up to 5 devices), and see how it works. Right now, I’m having tons of fun.

Gonna go write (I spelled that wright for some reason…I’m tired af).

So, yeah. Just posting to post. Because I want to type. Stuff. On this device.


Okay, I’ll stop now.



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