Totally Not About Killmonger

And now I’d like to talk to you all about systemic racism.  Racism, you understand, has its roots in the very foundation of our country.  When white people agreed to make black people slaves, the very act undermined the ideals upon which America was founded.


Are the white people gone?  Yeah.  Good.   Black Panther Spoilers ahead.

Okay, black people that are still with me.  My negroes.  I didn’t start this blog to write about Black Panther.  I actually started it like…two years ago, drafted a couple posts, and thought occasionally, “I should upate my blog.”  But I’m seeing a lot of people out there thinking that Killmonger was right, and much like M’Baku: I will not have it.

M’Baku was dope af.

So, anyway, ya’ll are scaring the white people.  Listen, I know they’re scared of us all the time anyway.  But this is different.  Ya’ll walking around here talking about, “Killmonger was right.”  I get it.  I think most African Americans related with Killmonger.  I was as hype as you were when he said to that museum lady, “Did your ancestors give fair price or did they take it like they took everything else?”  That line set the tone for the movie, let us know everything we needed to about the character.  But then he goes and kills the white lady that’s just doing her job.  She wasn’t fighting a war, she wasn’t threatening him.  She was just there to let people know about these artifacts, and Erik comes in, shows her she’s bad at her job and kills her.  She didn’t even get to live with the shame.

Erik kills a bunch more people on his way getting to Wakanda: some Korean police officers, his ride or die girlfriend, Klaue.  Then he gets to Wakanda and has zero respect for the people there, their traditions.  And yeah, Wakanda did him wrong.  But more specifically, T’Chaka did.  Only two people in Wakanda knew what actually happened.  So what Erik is doing is taking out all of his anger and rage, which, I admit, is justified, and pointing it at anybody even tangentially involved.

Killmonger is not a good dude.  Killmonger is exactly how many white people try to paint The Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, or any other primarily black activist group.  Killmonger IS a black identity extremist.  It is not okay to want to kill white people just because they have privilege (any white people still around, sorry, ya’ll do).  It is not okay to come into a country and ignore their culture in order to kill more people.  This plan, like most things you think of when you’re angry, doesn’t have legs.  This plan skipped leg day.  So he kills whitey, and then what?  Is that what black people really want?  To be on top at the expense of everybody else?  That doesn’t even make sense.  I don’t want to read think pieces about black privilege.  I don’t want to see articles about how, “We told you they were violent, all the signs were there.”  I’m annoyed enough already.

I’m not even against violence in the fight for equality.  I just don’t think the endgame works out for us with Killmonger’s plan.  And all these people out here saying Killmonger is right to go out and pretty much kill whitey.  That’s problematic.  Killmonger’s rage and anger are proper, but people should not believe just because his anger is justified, his reaction to, and fueled by, that emotion is legit.  It’s not.  He didn’t think about the collateral damage of his plan.  All the people that would die because he wanted revenge and revolution.

I sympathize with Killmonger.  I empathize with Killmonger.  I think he had several valid points.  This makes him an amazing villain.  I just don’t think people should run around saying a guy who wanted to murder tons of people was right.   You know who was right?

Nakia was right.  She was out there liberating child soldiers and women being carted away to be sold.

Be more like Nakia.  She was out there doing the most.

To conclude:



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